If you are looking for a partner to help you realize your curved design without having to make compromises in your design, CURVES can help you. If involved in an early stage, we consult about the feasibility and possibilities of bending technology and take care of the realisation of your curved structure.

CURVES is a division of the Kersten Europe Group, European market leader in bending technology. In close cooperation with qualified partners we manage and execute the entire process from architectural design to on-site erection.


To make a technical feasible concept of your design we work in close cooperation with van Moll Engineering.

Van Moll Engineering is specialized in:

  • Engineering;
  • Concept development;
  • Strength analysis; 
  • Shop drawings.

van Moll Engineering

Tube and section bending

With our extensive range of tube and section bending machines we bend standard and client specific profiles in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Complete series of standard construction profiles
  • Varying from UNP 80 to HEA 1000. And tubes up to Ø 610 x 20 mm.
  • 3D bending, with radius and gradient
  • Client specific framed or roller-shaped profiles
  • Various dimensions of pipe and tubular profiles with small radius

Plate bending

Our machine park is equipped with a complete range of advanced plate bending machines. This allows us to bend plates in ferrous and non ferrous alloys in various shapes.

  • Cylinders 
  • Concentric and eccentric cones 
  • Shells
  • Waves - 3D shaped structures

In order to roll and press plates with thickness from 1 mm up to 150 mm we are using modern bending technologies.

Aluminium bending

Standard and client-specific aluminium profiles can be formed to a wide range of (3D) shapes by utilising advanced aluminium extrusion bending machines. By combining the right technology and well-trained machine operators we bend aluminium in various radii with just minimal or no marking of the surface.


  • CNC bending
  • Various (small) radii
  • 3D bending
  • Minimal deformation of the cross section
  • Little or no marking of the surface

(3D) Cutting to length

CNC plasma and oxy-fuel cutting techniques are used to cut plates, tubes and sections in various alloys. We can even add 3D contours including weld edge preparations to bent products in just a single machining operation.

This fast and accurate process guarantees an excellent result.

Welding processes

Our team of welding professionals performs welding operations to an exacting standard on ferrous and non ferrous alloys. Varying from a longitudinal seam to a complete welded construction.
We are certified and qualified for several welding methods and processes.

  • SAW (121-125)
  • GMAW-FCAW (131-135-136-138)
  • GTAW (141)

Surface and heat treatments

After the bending process we treat the surface by anodizing, galvanisation, powder coating or painting. Heat treatments can also be done, like soft annealing and aging.  

Cooperation with partners

To realize your curved design structure CURVES cooperates with qualified partners. Think about combinations of steel/aluminium with glass, wood, fibers etc. We take care of the complete project management; including surface treatment and on-site erection.